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This site contains the Australian bookstore for the convenience of Australian residents. All currency is in Australian dollars and materials are only shipped to Australian addresses. Peter and Vivien’s books are printed in Australia, as well as in the U.S.A. and England. This site enables us to control our Australian inventory separately from that mantained by Positive Words, Inc. of Oregon, U.S.A., and to set prices that reflect the Australian dollar and postal rates.

In addition to PayPal in Australian dollars, we also have Direct Deposit as our payment method. This is more universal that most people imagine. You can use any branch of any bank in Australia (Commonwealth Bank is free), or online or phone banking, to deposit the total of your order directly into our bank. Details are given in the confirmation email. Just for the record, our bank is the Commonwealth Bank, Account Name: Positive Word Ministries Inc., BSB Number: 065-518, Account No. 00902730

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About Peter Wade

Peter Wade has taught God’s Word in Australia, the United States and England. His religious life has been spent in the evangelical branch of the Church, having been active in the Salvation Army, holiness, charismatic, and independent churches. An ordained minister with over 55 years of ministry, he first served pastorates in Western Australia and South Australia.

Since 1967 he has engaged in a teaching ministry, mainly in the United States and Australia, and is the author of numerous books and CDs. From 1st October 1995 Peter and his wife Vivien have been active in ministry on the Internet and also share the Word of God through literature, seminars and conferences. They live in metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.

About our Australian Ministry

Positive Word Ministries Inc. is a trans-denominational teaching ministry with offices in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded on 20th August 1969, it is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of South Australia as a non-profit organisation and is recognised by the national Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

As a teaching ministry, Positive Words has no membership, for it serves believers in Christ regardless of any church affiliation. It does not operate local fellowships and is not associated with or part of any church or denomination. It is operated entirely by volunteers and the outreach of the organization is made possible solely by gifts from interested Christians.

Positive Words is evangelical in doctrine, believing that the rightly divided Word of God is the sole guide for faith and practice. It teaches a positive, practical, and positional expression of Christianity, emphasizing the reality of Christ in you and you in Christ. We believe in the Apostles’ Creed, an early statement of Christian belief widely used by a number of Christian denominations.

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